This is the home of the IT Frequently Asked Questions space.

This support site and the LSU IT Helpdesk are for users of Student Union IT systems only - this includes contracted Union staff as well as a lot of volunteer positions.

If you are experiencing issues with your student email account, accessing Learn, computers in University labs, getting a connection to HallNet, connecting to eduroam Wi-Fi with a student account, etc. then you need to contact the University IT Service Desk.

If you are having issues logging into the LSU website then please see the information at The most reported issue is "Account not matched", please see for details on this problem. For current students this is usually (but not always) because you opted out of LSU without realising this means you can't vote or join a club / society. You will need to opt back in using the Loughborough University pre-arrival system. If you're still having problems with the main website please email or phone 01509 635000 (during office hours) for further assistance.


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