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Moving desks is not as quite as simple as putting a computer in a new place and pressing the on button. First, there's many cables that need to be unplugged and replugged, two of these cables are location specific. 

Firstly, is there a power socket near your new desk? If not, you'll need email Maintenance and ask them what your options are. This is not something that can be done overnight, so don't expect it to just happen. 

Secondly, is there a network socket near your new desk? What you need to tell us depends on your answer.


Yes, there is a network socket next to my new desk. 

This is the easier of the two. What we need from you:

  • Two days notice. We cannot promise you will be able to work if you do not give us two days notice of a move such as this.
  • The office which you are in, being as specific as you can, for example "Exec Office" could refer to the current Exec office next door to media, or it could mean the old Exec office, where senior management work.
    • If you are moving office we need both the office you are in and the office you are planning on moving to.
  • The number on the socket you are currently on and the number on the socket you are moving to. Each socket should be labelled, for example sockets in the tech office are T03.x, this might not mean anything to you, but its very important for us.


No, there isn't a network socket next to my new desk.

If there isn't a socket next to your desk, but there is one close by, you can use this so long as you correctly manage the cable. Loose cables along the floor are trip hazards and should not be left unattended. If you cannot run it under desks or around objects you need to purchase cable mats to minimise trip hazards. 

However, normally we would recommend we put in a new socket near to your desk, as this is less hazardous and looks a lot better. The timescales for this can vary hugely, as if your office is already at capacity we need to run cables from our server room. 

What we need is:

  • Two Weeks Notice. Due to the variation in how long this can take two weeks is a conservative estimate for most offices, however, this also covers times when we are busy, such as freshers week. 
  • As above, we need the office you are currently in and the office you are moving to.
  • The number on the socket that you are currently in. 
  • Where your desk is moving to. Again, this needs to be very specific. "In the corner." is not very helpful, as most rooms have at least four of them. Something like, "the corner of the finance office closest to the bastard gates" or "underneath the left-most window as you walk in to the Rag office."
    • We will accept diagrams. 
    • We will not accept, 'I'll show you if you come around'. We may not be available to come around.


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