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Due to recent security breaches, it will be mandatory for all LSU users to change their password annually from the beginning of May 2019. The system will detect how long your current password has been in use and when it reaches 365 days, it will automatically force you to change the password the next time you log in.

However, so that you don't lose access to LSU systems or other related issues, we recommend you change your password yourself, before the password expires. 

Please note, once you have changed your password, you need to re-enter credentials for services you are already logged in to, including, but not limited to, mobile mail apps, eduroam logins, Gladstone MRM, etc. 

New users have to change their passwords before they can login to our email servers.

Control-Alt-Delete Menu

The quickest and easiest way, is to press ctrl-alt-del on the keyboard and click change a password. It'll ask you for the old password, and then you'll need to put in a new password twice. Sometimes it can take a few minutes, this is normal.

This only works if you are on a Union computer connected to the LSU network. For this, someone has to be logged in and using the computer, but it is possible to change someone else's password without logging out by changing the username in the top box to theirs, they will need to put their current password in the box. This works even if the password has expired. This is one way of easily changing passwords for volunteers that wouldn't normally work in the building.

From outside the building

New June 2019

We have an online password changing facility which you can find at

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