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Sharing account details may result in your account being locked and you being subjected to a re-education discussion (i.e. a rant) by LSU's Head of Technical Services and / or your password being changed. Repeat offenders will be referred to either their line manager or University IT Services, as appropriate, for disciplinary action. The university can, and do, remove IT privileges given to students and Uni staff as well as issuing fines. Whilst it isn't obvious, helpfully setting a password for a colleague that can't physically attend LSU to change their password for themselves isn't acceptable either.

You should also be aware that leaving LSU computers logged in unlocked and unattended is also a breach of the policy. Sanctions usually involve the ranty Head of Technical Services shouting at you, having to repeatedly change your password, facebook account hacking, and emails being sent declaring your undying love to colleagues. Again repeat offenders will be referred to their line manager or University IT Services.