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The University have added to the national eduroam servers, so it is now possible for LSU staff to connect to eduroam when visiting other unions / universities. You must use your email style username, e.g. instead of lsuoffices\andytodd. All other settings should remain unchanged.

Please use email style usernames instead  e.g.



10, iPhone & Mac OSX

In our experience most fresh mobile devices (phones, iPads etc.) and Macs just connect. Enter your email style username, e.g., and your password when you are asked. If you've previously attempted to use the University's 'Set Up Wi-Fi' system or have previously set up eduroam with credentials from any UK university, you MUST uninstall the old configuration (on Apple products this will probably be referred to as a profile) as the settings interfere with connecting to our servers.


Certificates - choose 'Do not validate'.

Windows phone

Is no longer supported, even Toddy has ditched his

Windows settings

These instructions are for Windows 7. It is expected that Windows 8 & 8.1 instructions will be similar. XP is not supported and if you're using Vista you have bigger issues than connecting to our Wi-Fi.