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You may wish to tell us about some specific permissions, such as should they be put in _all LSU. By default we won't put anyone only put permanent members of staff in _all LSU. 

We IT people have a lot of stuff going on just like you do, we don't know everything about your department the way you do, so its best to assume we don't remember who you are or what it is you do. Be as specific as possible about what permissions a person needs. So for example, if you say, 'they need access to the archive folder', there are many, many folders named 'archive' in Users1 and beyond, and we don't like to guess. So assume we're not too bright and say, 'they need access to \\users1\users1$\mydepartment\something\something\ARCHIVE'.


  • Read access means someone can open a file, but can't change it in any way.
  • Write access means someone can open a folder and its files, and can add more files in there. However, they can't change anything once its in there and can't delete.
  • Modify access means someone can open a folder or its files, can add whatever, can change whatever and can delete whatever.

If a person has a role, say they are the Super Cool IT Person, then they will most likely have a group assigned to them with the email address "". They will receive all emails sent to this address into their own mailbox, but they will not be able to log in with "" as isn't their account, its just an attached label. This is the same for volunteer roles, they will need their own separate account, under their name, not a generic account called, "Section Volunteer".

By default, a person's main email address is, so we will assume this is the email address you want for your staff member. If this doesn't work for you for some reason, let us know why and what you would rather it be, but as explained above, it needs to be user-specific.

Our accounts are created by a script, there are some things a computer simply can't work out like a human can. For example, we know that John and Johnathan are the same name, and could well work out that John Smith and Johnathan Smith are the same person, but a script will not know and will assume they are different people. So, check the Global Address List to see if an account for a person already exists and under what name. Similarly, we can work out when a name is misspelled at least some of the time, but a script will assume you know how to spell, so always check for typos.