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  • Two Weeks Notice. Due to the variation in how long this can take two weeks is a conservative estimate for most offices, however, this also covers times when we are busy, such as freshers' week. 
  • Are you an exchequer user and do you have a phone? Exchequer users need separate sockets for PC and phone, due to Exchequer being poorly designed.
  • As above, we need the office you are currently in and the office you are moving to.
  • The number on the socket(s) that you are currently in. 
  • Where your desk is moving to. Again, this needs to be very specific. "In the corner." is not very helpful, as most rooms have at least four of them. Something like, "the corner of the finance office closest to the bastard gates" or "underneath the left-most window as you walk in to the Rag office."
    • We will accept rough diagrams as long as there are references so we know which side of the room is which.
    • We will accept photographs with a big pointy arrow.
    • We will not accept 'I'll show you if you come around'. We may not be available to come around.