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Acceptable Use Policy - see

Computer security, Anti Virus etc.


What you're required to do

allow the computer to restart / update

Be vigilant

Accounts & mailboxes

Use the "where can I find document"


Access to colleagues files / mail - is different to LU's policy

Email monitoring - details on the copy...


How to reset an LSU Account password

Sharing (see AUP) - don't. Don't event tell IT. Definitely don't email IT your password...

Password life - is only 365 days - How to reset an LSU Account password


Our standard apps / programmes

Office / Office 365


Adobe Acrobat

MindJet MindManager


Adobe CC

Getting something else installed


File systems including access settings, naming conventions and what you can store where

Cloud Storage

Googledocs / Dropbox / other 3rd party file movement services... (see GDPR)

Back ups and archives / Disaster recovery