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All printers in the Union Building are supported to some extent by IT Support, however users are responsible for requesting and refilling supplies where appropriate.

If you are having a problem with a printer then what you do depends on what the problem is. If the printer cannot print because it is out of toner or paper, then you need to collect some more paper or a replacement toner cartridge from Reception and either fill the relevant paper trays, or replace the toner cartridge. Instructions for replacing the toner cartridges are provided with the units. Empty cartridges should be returned to Reception for recycling.

If the printer is in an error state then you are expected to attempt to resolve this yourself if you feel comfortable in doing so. On the larger printers when there is an error such as a paper jam the screen on the device will tell you what doors to open and what levers and rollers to move to attempt to clear the jam. If you think you are going to cause damage to a printer by doing this, then leave it alone and let IT Support know, don't just print to another printer and ignore the one with the error.

If there is nothing obviously wrong with the printer, it is powered on and there are no errors on the screen, but you still can't print to it, then get in touch with IT Support in the usual way.


Our management system for printers is called Papercut. This relies on a program running on your computer to manage who you are and what accounts your printing is being charged to. If this program is not running then your printing will most likely go wrong. To check if this is running, look for a little green P in your tray:


If that is not there then you can run it in LSU Shortcuts, on the desktop, and selecting:



While most printers will remain the same with the new system the MFP printers (Reception Printer, Exec Printer and the new printer outside AU) will now work off a shared queue called FollowMe. By printing to FollowMe, either mono or colour, you will be able to release your prints from either of those three printers.

You'll need to log in to one of the three printers and it should print automatically from that. All three are equipped with card readers. The first time you use a card you'll need to assign that card to your account. It'll ask your for your username, this will be your email address ( and then password which will be what you normally sign into your computer with. From here it will ask you if you want to continue which will log you into the printer. It will then print your held jobs.

Most likely, the first time you log in, you'll need to change your account to the correct one, this is because it is now possible to have individual accounts rather than departmental accounts, you'll need to tell it you're printing departmental printing. Do this by pressing the Select Account button.

Then once done, return to this screen by pressing the top left button that has a home on it. You can then trigger print release by going to the print release button, but it should do this automatically.

Scanning and Copying

Copying will be done using which ever account your currently set on. If it doesn't work and says you don't have any credit, you'll need to follow the above instructions for changing which account you're using.

For the two main HP Printers, the smaller of the reception printers and the Exec Office printer, scanning and copying is mostly the same as it was before, the only difference being that copying may encounter the above issue.

On the new big printer, things will be slightly different from before. Scanning has two possibilities. Email will allow you to scan it to an email address, with an option to just add your own. The other, Workflow Scanning, will allow you to scan straight into your Documents, in a folder called 'scans'. Both are as simple as pressing the appropriate button in the screenshot above, telling it which email address to send to (if applicable), changing any settings if you need to, and pressing the green go button.

Print Costs

Printing costs vary depending on what printer you send a job to, and whether you print in colour or black and white, usually the printer will tell you how much you cost. Generally, black and white A4 will be 4p, colour is double, A3 is double and duplex is double, these prices stack so A3 colour will be 16p per side. You only pay for the prints that you make, so it doesn't matter if the printer in your office is constantly churning out full colour jobs from a different department, you won't be charged for it. All printers now charge at the same rate, except for the Marketing Wide Format, so please don't print to that unless you have something fancy to print, invoices don't count (you know who you are).

Printer Policy

Loughborough Students Union, in accordance with NUS guidelines, is attempting to reduce the ratio of printers to staff, especially when the printers in question are small with relatively high running costs and power consumption. This is likely to result in a gradual shift towards fewer, larger devices, with the benefits being reduced costs of supplies, reduced power consumption, faster print speeds, higher quality output with more finishing options, and better build quality resulting in longer gaps between downtime. The disadvantage of this is that the small printer right outside your office is unlikely to be replaced should it fail, so look after it.

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