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Below we've tried to outline the steps that should be followed when employing a new member of staff, the list is by no means exhaustive and any non-IT items are there to cover areas which the IT department (mistakenly) receives requests for. If you or your department is listed incorrectly as a contact for a certain service then please let us know so we can make corrections. Also please provide as much notice as possible when you are expecting to add a new employee to your department, especially if it requires new hardware to be purchased. If we do not receive at least a week's notice we cannot guarantee that the account, and particularly the required hardware, will be ready on time.

Information we need from you

When you contact us to let us know that you're adding a new member to your team, please include the following information:

  • We need some details about them to create an account, the sorts of things we need are listed in this article.
  • A cost centre code for the following:
    • A monitor, assuming your department doesn't already have a spare. We will give you some different size options and make a purchase based on your preferences. Once monitors are purchased they remain the property of your department, so you will be responsible for their storage and replacing them should they fail outside of the warranty period. We will take responsibility for supporting them and arranging any necessary warranty claims. You should budget around £150 for each display you want (up to two).
    • A PC, assuming the IT department doesn't have any spares. This will be a standard Union build of a specification adequate to run all the software packages that we currently use, and able to support dual monitors. Once you have purchased the extra PC it will be included in future hardware refreshes that are paid for centrally. You should budget around £430 for the PC, £10 for the Windows licence, and up to £200 for an additional Microsoft Office Pro licence or a monthly subscription to Office 365.
      • If the employee requires a non standard machine, as an example for specialist roles such as design or for mobile work it is likely the cost will be far higher.
      • Occasionally we might be able to provide an additional PC, however we do not have spare licences for Windows or Office so you will have to pay for those.
  • The numbers on the network sockets where you intend to plug in their telephone and PC. We can then make sure that the ports are connected to something at the other end of the cable.

What we can do for you

We will provide a PC for your new employee, set it up on a desk and make sure it all works provided we have sufficient notice. We will then be here to provide support in the event of any issues arising. If the user is required to work from outside the Union building, we can provide instruction on how to do this.


Please note when considering sufficient notice you should think in terms of weeks rather than hours, especially just before or after the start of the academic year.

What we can't do for you

Although Harry is pretty (he also thinks he is awesome), there are a few things that we can't help you out with but you will still most likely want.

  • Telephones are provided (and supported) by the University. Sue Lucas liaises with the University on behalf of the Union regarding ordering new lines, ceasing existing lines, and support. If you need a new telephone then you will need to speak with her.
  • Maglock cards are provided by the Buildings Department. They can be contacted by emailing a request to They should also be your contact for any office keys that are required.
  • You will need mains power for each item of IT equipment you wish to use, so a typical dual monitor set-up will require 3 sockets, 4 if you have powered speakers to connect. If you do not have enough power available at the proposed desk location then a maintenance request should be sent to rectify this problem, but please be aware that installing extra sockets may take quite a lot of time. The use of multi-way extension sockets is discouraged.
  • If you require an extra desk and chair then you'll need to speak to Sue who deals with our Viking account. If you don't want to purchase from Viking then you'll need to arrange something yourself. Try asking around first to see if anyone has anything going spare. If this furniture requires moving or assembling and you don't feel able to do it yourself then submit a maintenance request.
  • Smartphones are great, but there are hundreds of different models. We do not have the resources to commit to being able to support email access and Wi-Fi connectivity on personal devices, but will take a look if we have time. There are articles on this site which cover getting connected to the wireless network and accessing Union email on smartphones, and you are encouraged to read those before requesting help.
  • Organise time travel to go back and order the new machine & monitors you forgot you needed in time for the new person.

On the first day

If everything has gone to plan your new employee will arrive on their first day, log on to their PC and everything will work.

We can deliver an IT induction for your new member of staff if you arrange it with us in advance. If you are carry out IT induction it is probably worth pointing them in the direction of these FAQ pages, the page about getting help, as well as getting themselves familiar with the Acceptable Use Policy.

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