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In this category you will find step-by-step instructions for getting your smartphone connected to the Union's Exchange servers, for access to emails and calendars on the move. Please be aware that we will help you get your mobile devices talking to our systems, but that support is limited to the instructions provided in this FAQ. You shouldn't have any issues, but we do not have the time, resources, or test hardware (the guides here have been written using our personal devices as reference points) to be able to support the access of LSU email/calendars on anything that isn't a union PC or Remote Desktop session.

If you cannot get your particular device working, we may be able to help you if we have time available, but no changes will be made to our environment to accomodate the needs of your handset. Any support tickets which report issues that apply only to your particular combination of device and account will be treated as low-priority in periods of low workload, or closed without resolution if we are busy. If your device does not play nicely with our systems and generates pages of error messages in the server log files we may block it from accessing the network.

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