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There are two separate apps for storing files in the cloud, both can be found in the Office 365 suite at


Of the two options, OneDrive is the most like your documents. By default no one but you has access to files you put in here. Unlike your documents, you can easily share the files with other people via their email address.

The main drawback of OneDrive is that should you keep all a departments files in OneDrive, if you leave the files get deleted along with your account. We are currently in the process of updating IT Policies to cover this.

To access OneDrive, you merely need to open the OneDrive app from the above link or from the little squares menu in the top left of


SharePoint is much more like Users1, in that its more geared towards groups than individuals. Usually, it'll be set up so that set people have permissions to a specific 'site' on SharePoint. Any files you put on that site are automatically shared and accessible to those people. Just like OneDrive you can share specific files in SharePoint with people outside the users of the site.

Unlike in Users1, however, it is possible for more than one person to edit a document at once, though this does depend on the file type. This means instead of having one hundred versions of a file with no idea which one is the latest, there is only ever one file. It is also possible to revert past changes and recover deleted files.

SharePoint is by far the recommended platform for storing files, taking precedence over Users1 and OneDrive. Another benefit of SharePoint is it is more than just a file storage system, and allows for many other collaborative tools, as well as sub-sites within a site, for example the Tech SharePoint has an IT site and a Crew site. Most of these tools are easy to use and don't require an IT Admin. However, as always, if you require any assistance the Tech Department will attempt to assist you.

Getting to SharePoint is a little bit more complicated, and requires you having one set up for your department. Currently there are SharePoints for: AU, Commercial Services, Enterprise, Nursery, Management, Student Voice and Tech. If you are a member of a department and do not have access to your department's SharePoint contact your manager. If you want to set up a SharePoint for your department, email and CC in the manager of the Department.

To access your SharePoint you can open the SharePoint app as you would OneDrive. From there you will usually be directed to a list of Frequent and Suggested Sites, which will be blank if you have never used it before. At the bottom on the left there is the option of the Team Site under Featured links. Clicking this will take you to the equivalent of the Users1. From here you have little purple squares that will take you to the departmental SharePoints.

Eventually, there should be more articles below on how to use certain parts of OneDrive and Sharepoint.

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